Australian Visa medical Examination


Please note the following information very carefully before attending for your examination. Australian Visa Medical Examinations are performed by Drs O’Keeffe, Collins and Crowe. We aim to be able to provide an appointment within three working days, and you can of course request either a male or female doctor if you wish.

Please download complete section A of the medical form, and also the X-ray form.

Staple a current passport sized photo on page 3 of each form.

Add your passport number in the boxes on all pages.

Write your GP's name and contact details on page 6.

DO NOT sign or date the declaration on page 6.

Female applicants should not attend for a medical examination during or immediately after menstruation as this will invalidate the urine testing.

Please bring any relevant medical information, for example discharge reports for important past medical conditions or hospital letters explaining treatment plans and follow-up arrangements. Normally a photocopy from your General Practitioner's records will suffice

Those applicants with ongoing problems such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Epilepsy, Hepatitis (of all types), Malignancies, Tuberculosis, Mental Retardation or Dementia should bring a report on the history, treatment and prognosis from their own Medical Practitioner.

Applicants should also bring the following items:

Current passport.

A list of your current medication.

Spectacles or contact lenses if worn.

Different Visa classes have different requirements, so it is vitally important that you know which Visa class you are applying for.

What to expect during your medical

Upon arrival at reception your paperwork will be checked and your passport photocopied. Families are usually seen together although the doctors may differ in their practice. The medical examination includes measurement of height, weight, urine analysis, vision and blood pressure. In addition a general examination of abdomen, limbs and chest is undertaken. The examination is tailored to the individual's history and age.

Very rarely, female examination may require examination of breasts if indicated.

A chaperone will be supplied if required.

You should expect to be at the surgery for around 20-30 minutes per person.

Applicants over 11 years of age will require a chest x-ray (unless expectant mothers) which is organised at either The Blackrock Clinic or the Mater Private.

All permanent applicants over 15 years of age and Subclass 410 Extended Stay Retiree require blood tests for HIV and if you have tattoos or multiple piercings you will also require blood tests for Hepatitis B and C.

All health workers will require testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. X-ray and blood results are usually available within a week to ten days. We will contact you by phone to let you know that we have received these. The form is then finalised and sent by registered post to the appropriate Australian High Commission or Medical Office. The postal tracking number will be posted to you at home.

Any significant problems will be reported to you. You may be asked to supply further medical information via your General Practitioner if required.

Please note the enclosed price list. Payment by cash, cheque, debit or credit card is accepted. Please inform us immediately if you are unable to attend your medical. If a medical is cancelled within 24 hours a cancellation fee of €60 is charged. Non payment is notified to the Australian authorities.

Chest X Ray only Examination. These require a shorter visit than a full medical, so please tell the receptionist when booking that you require an X Ray only visit.

Visa-Medicals Price List - AUSTRALIA Dec 2007

Adults (over 15 years) temporary visa and children over 11 (permanent visa) require examination and X-Ray

Adult (over 15 years) permanent visa require examination, X-Ray and HIV blood test. You may also require Hepatitis B and C blood tests if you have multiple tattoos or body piercings.

Medical personnel require examination, X-Ray, HIV, Hepatitis B and C blood tests

Price list excluding VAT


Unit Cost

Adult Exam (11 years plus)


Child Exam (under 11 years)


Chest X-Ray

Discuss with radiologist

Blood Test HIV


Blood Test Hepatitis B


Blood Test Hepatitis C


Postage to London


Postage to Australia


Chest X Ray only Medical Exam



Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully

At the time of booking you state your intention to attend. If you are subsequently unable to attend please telephone as soon as possible. If less than 1 working days notice is given a cancellation fee of €60 per person is chargeable.

Please note that the Embassies are informed of any non-payment.

We strongly advise no migration travel arrangements should be booked until you are in receipt of a successful visa as further tests may rely on the availability of a third party medical opinion and occasional complex investigations. The Doctors limit their medical involvement in your case to that of reporting important abnormalities to your General Practitioner for follow-up and treatment.

No guarantee can be provided that results will be available within the specified time frame as unforeseen circumstances can arise. However, in our experience the vast majority of medical reports are turned around without delay.

No copies of medical information are kept after the medical has been signed off.